HOA Insurance Coverage for Volunteers

HOA Volunteers

Are you looking to find insurance coverage for the volunteers that keep your HOA running smoothly? If you are in the Bay Area, or anywhere in California, give John Kemmer Insurance a call. I can go over the details with you and customize the policies you will need to cover your volunteer liabilities.

Homeowners Associations are unique in the way they operate. Generally, they are run as non-profit associations, and much of the time the bulk of work done on the property is performed by well-meaning volunteers. As beneficial as this can be, it does post difficulty when it comes to making sure the adequate coverage you need for your volunteers is available to you. Also, any unintentional damage they may cause to the property while performing their tasks could cause big problems if you don’t have the right policy. Most policies that would cover workers and property are designed for paid employees. An experienced agent will be able to help you customize the right policies to make sure you have the coverage your HOA needs.

Workers’ Comp

The standard Workers’ Comp policy is designed for paid help, so you need to be confident that the coverage you choose will be sufficient for your team of volunteers. It could be disastrous to face a lawsuit if a well-intended volunteer gets injured and faces extensive medical bills after becoming injured while helping out on the premises. Having the right policy for an HOA is essential for your board to acquire.

Crime and Fidelity Bonds

This was also designed to cover any criminal acts performed by employees against the board. When you rely on volunteer workforce, there is always the possibility that someone is ready to use you, bringing on lawsuits involving check fraud, embezzlement, or some other sort of theft. I can make sure your policy works to protect your HOA and its volunteers.

D&O Liability

Your board is likely run by a group of volunteers. The Directors and Officers Liability policy will guard against the common lawsuits involving discrimination, misuse of funds, harassment, negligence, and many other possibilities. Without adequate coverage, a board member could face devastating legal costs. By providing the right coverage for your volunteer board members, a good D&O policy should attract and keep a good team. Having a great board is crucial for your homeowners association and its future success.

Though volunteers are an extremely valuable part of your homeowners association, as a rule they are not trained in safety protocols like an employee would be. They may take on unauthorized tasks on their own initiative, barging ahead without realizing the job isn’t getting done properly. Damage is easily caused to person and property.

I have lived in an HOA, as well as served as a board member. If your board has questions regarding insurance coverage for your volunteers, I am ready to go over the options available to you. We can make sure that the policies you choose will cover you and your team.

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