How do you choose an HOA insurance agent?

Are you looking for the best HOA insurance rates in California?  Start by making sure you do business with an experienced agent who has the right qualifications. Ask them these questions:

  • Does the agent live in a homeowners association?
  • Has the agent served on the board of a homeowners association?
  • Does the agent have experience with placing insurance for homeowners associations?
  • Has the agent handled various types of claims incurred by homeowners associations?
  • Does the agent use an insurance company with in house claims adjustors that are experienced, competent, efficient and respond without delay?
  • Is the agent experienced with the challenges of maintaining and servicing HOA buildings, selecting contractors, dealing with construction defects, handling water intrusion, handling mold problems, maintaining elevators, roofs, waterproofing balconies and decks, etc?

Experience Matters.

An HOA insurance agent should have “boots on the ground” experience with the challenges faced by boards and condo unit owners. The right agent can provide solid advice to HOA Boards on how to structure an insurance plan that gets the job done right.

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